About Us


Upper Rung Center’s purpose is to provide transferable job readiness training and financial literacy to the unemployed, underemployed, veterans and ex-offenders.


Upper Rung Center envisions a community in which people will have the power to obtain gainful employment and create vibrant healthy lives for themselves and their families.


Upper Rung Center is committed to addressing economic injustice and income equality by transforming lives through education and training. Our mission is economic equality.

Creating Changes That Matter

Intellectually Disabled Adults

20% of New Jersey residents are intellectually disabled adults. They are unemployed and underemployed.


Three million veterans have returned from military service over the past ten years, and another million are expected to return to civilian life over the next five years.  Many of these returning service members will be re-joining the civilian workforce and are in need of transitional support.


The City of Trenton has a very high recidivism rate because returning offenders are faced with limited employment opportunities, no driving privileges, restricted access to affordable housing, and the social stigma of being an “ex-con”.






How does Upper Rung benefit individuals?

...or maybe how does Upper Rung benefits communities?